Why Blue Stone Solar?

At Blue Stone Solar our focus is solar-nothing else.

A well designed pv array borrows from many disciplines. Our staff and associates have diverse backgrounds that range from roofing and construction to mathematics and data analysis.

We don't rely on vendors or distributors located 1,500 miles away to design our systems, we do it in-house. At Blue Stone we start by visiting a prospective site and doing an assessment to determine the feasibility of a project. There are several variables that must be taken into consideration such as net metering policies, state incentives,  and customer motivation to name a few.

Generally, our goal will be to design a system that will yield the greatest financial benefit over the life of the system.This can only be accomplished by having personnel who are experienced in running computer simulations and performing data analysis.

To settle for less would be leaving money on table.

We use only the highest quality components and our installations are completed to exacting standards. Our systems are designed to exceed 25 years- the life of a solar module.

Blue Stone Solar, LLC is certified by the Electronics Technicians Association

an independent third party that represents the electronics industry. 

In addition, Blue Stone Solar, LLC is registered and licensed as a Distributed Generation PV Installer by the Illinois Commerce Commission and a proud member of the Illinois Solar Energy Association

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